Michael Collins

Michael is a Hunter Valley poet who has published some of his work and is an avid contributor to Poetry at the Pub. I have enjoyed reading his work.

PATP is held every 3rd and 5th Monday of the month at the Northern Star hotel in Beaumont Street Hamilton in one of the back bars. All welcome.

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J.M. Lawson is an obscure songwriter from Newcastle who sporadically performs live, and releases recordings.


Michael has collaborated with Josh Lawson to produce an album whose lyrics create a moody insight into the sometimes-darker side of the nocturnal hauntings that is between the states of awake and that of sleep.




Another collaborative work Michael has been working on is "A Collection of War Poems" - as the name suggests they are all war related (anti-war really). The collection comes from many years of writing and some have been written especially for the publication. Also in this work are a couple of poems by Trevor Burndred. Both had fathers in the 2nd and 1st World Wars respectively and have seen first hand some of the physical and mental damage done and the effect on their families. There are two poems written especially about the Vietnam War to try and redress some of the wrongs that were heaped upon the soldiers and the misguided demonstrations from some protesters at the time

This collection contains 25 poems and has an accompanying CD with background music to complement the readings. This work is available for sale at $20.00. Contact CD-Genius to purchase one.